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Best Welding Machines Under $1000

Best Welding Machines Under $1000

There’s a lot (and we mean a lot) of really bad, cheap welding machines out there. The truth is, it’s not really saving you money if your brand new welder breaks after a few months. You don’t have to go with some off-brand machine from a company you don’t trust. Here’s some of our favorite machines from top brands with a price tag less than $1,000.

Lincoln Power MIG 140 MP

For it’s price, this is one of the best multi process units out there. Coming in at $829.00, the Power MIG 140 MP is the little brother of the famous Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP.

“My first project was a stand for the welder. It did a great job. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to be able to weld on 120V. I'll add TIG soon down the road.” - Patrick S.

Similar to almost all welding machine naming conventions, the “140” in the name stands for the maximum amount of amps that the 140 MP is capable of. It also runs off your standard 120 volt outlet, meaning this machine is perfect for portability and ease-of-use.

The Power MIG 140 MP comes with virtually everything you need to start welding stick or MIG right out of the box. However, we know some of you reading this post might be looking at your first welding purchase, so let’s clarify:

The Power MIG 140 MP comes with all the equipment for stick welding, except the consumables (the rods that are used for welding).

For MIG welding, it comes with everything except the protective gas equipment (cylinders, etc.). You’ll also need the consumables for MIG welding, such as feed wire and some extra tips.

The Power MIG 140 MP also comes with TIG welding capabilities, although you will need extra equipment which is not included in the original purchase (such as a TIG torch, gas cylinders, etc.). For more information on all the equipment you’ll need for each process, check out our post here.

Miller Millermatic 141 MIG welder

The 141 is the little brother of what is probably the best-selling MIG machine in all of history: the Multimatic 211. What makes both these machines so popular is their incredible ease-of-use. The Millermatic 141 features auto-set technology, one of the best welding inventions ever created. Normally, to find the right settings, you’d have to use a reference guide—although a lot of welders would skip that step and end up with some very frustrating trial and error.

But those days are gone. With auto-set technology, you choose your wire diameter, your material thickness and BAM, you’re ready to weld! For anyone new to welding, it is hard to understate how useful this is. A huge majority of the problems that welders face (even experienced ones) often come down to choosing the right parameters—which is all but avoided with this feature.

“Just bought the Millermatic 141 autoset. I started fabricating with it immediately. It's by far the best welder I've had for custom auto body work, suspension and hobby stuff. I wish I could have bought one sooner!”

Just as a note: If you buy the Millermatic 141 at a brick and mortar store, it’ll cost you around $1,122.00 (past our $1,000 limit). However, if you purchase from Welding Supplies from IOC online, you’re looking at a cost of $885.00 (at the time of writing this article).

Like the Power MIG 140 MP, the Millermatic 141 is almost ready to start welding out of the box. But like all MIG machines, you will need protective gas equipment (cylinders, etc.) and consumables, which do not come with the machine.

ESAB Miniarc Rogue

The Miniarc is an excellent stick/TIG machine newly introduced by ESAB at just $600. Check out our in-depth review here for more details.

ESAB Fabricator 141I Multi Process with TIG Torch

If you’re looking to start TIG welding for under $1000, the ESAB Fabricator 141I with TIG Torch is the perfect purchase. It comes with almost everything you need to start welding all three processes.

“This is a great unit for light to medium-duty work for the home DIY guy. TIGing a tailpipe together or fixing the broken leg on the lawn furniture, this is the unit you need. Light and easy to move around when needed, couldn't be happier.”

If this will be your first adventure into TIG welding, please know that the Fabricator 141I cannot TIG weld aluminum. In fact, only a small handful of newly developed multi process machines, such as the ESAB Rebel 205ic, can TIG weld aluminum.

If you’re new to welding, one thing you’ll quickly learn is that you’ll find the best prices online. Brick and mortar stores have a lot of overhead, which means they have to charge you more. With IOC, you’ll get fast shipping and the best customer service in the industry. Don’t forget to join our rewards program (literally free money). Check out Welding Supplies from IOC here.