Top Welding Holiday Gifts

Top Welding Holiday Gifts

HolidayGiftsBuying someone welding equipment can get a little hairy. We’re a very passionate bunch, who know exactly what we want. For instance, get me 1/8” wire instead of .035” and I’m not going to be a happy camper. So make it easy on your love ones this year and tell them exactly what you want for the holidays. In case you didn’t find what you wanted with our earlier email this month, Here’s 7 more of our top products to help you get started.

OptrelOptrel E3000 PAPR With E684 Helmet

How about the gift of not dying this holiday season. Welding fumes can be nasty stuff, especially if you’re working with galvanized or treated metals.

The MillerMatic 211

Still the reigning champ for the bestselling MIG machine in history and for good reason. The MillerMatic 211 has an advanced auto-set control and a cornucopia of other features to make your life so much easier and your welds that much better. Right now you can get $357 off the MSRP and up to another $400 off with Miller’s Build With Blue promotion.





Miller Diversion 180

TIG welding can be a challenge— an almost impossible challenge with the wrong machine. The Diversion 180 takes the TIG process and makes it as easy as possible with auto-set features and the ability to do both AC and DC. Check out more about the Miller Diversion 180 here.

Strong Hand Clamps

Clamps are the Holy Grail of keeping your workpiece together and preventing warpage. There’s a reason we consider Strong Hand Clamps to be welding’s most underutilized accessory.






Infinity Series Helmets

Compared to the classic series, these new helmets have over 280% more viewing area. That’s the difference between having one good functioning eye and 3 eyes, which is inhumanly possible. INHUMANLY POSSIBLE! In all seriousness, if you need a helmet, here’s why you should be going with the Infinity Series.

Plasma Cutter

Having a nice, clean cut can save you a load of time. If you haven’t looked at plasma cutters in a while, their precision will blow you away. Here’s the perfect guide to figuring out if plasma cutting will work for you.



exhaustedFume Extractors

A ventilated hood is good for protecting you, but what about your workplace? Fume extractors are the perfect ventilation for any workshop or garage. We’ve listed out two of our favorites in order of price range.