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Miller introduced the first Millermatic Welder in 1971 and has been dominating the MIG market ever since. Their flagship machine, the Millermatic 211, is a feature-packed, multi-voltage MIG wire welder that can weld the thickest material of any welder in its class. The Millermatic 211 headlines Miller's class of machines that are super easy to set up thanks to Auto-Set technology; simply set the thickness of the material you're welding and the thickness of the wire you're using and the machine does the rest. The Millermatics offer multi-voltage plugs and are spool gun ready straight out of the box.

While the Millermatic line of welding machines are aimed at weekend warriors and light industrial users. We commonly hear of the Millermatic 252 and Millermatic 350P being used in heavy industrial applications. Not only can the Millermatic 252 weld up to half-inch thick material in a single pass, users love that it automatically detects the MIG gun, spool gun or push/pull gun being used and recalls the settings of the active gun saving significant time on setup and rework.

For heavy industrial users looking for advanced MIG options, Miller's AlumaPower 350 and AlumaPower 450 pack a powerful punch while the Miller Axcess and Continuum Systems can handle multiple MIG processes via both hand-held and rebotic applications. Welding Supplies from IOC carries the full line of Miller MIG Welders giving our customers a wide range of amperage and freature options. Whether you're a beginner welder looking at the Millermatic 141 or an industrial user searching for an Alumapower 450 MPA, Welding Supplies from IOC has a Miller MIG Welder to get the job done.

Rest easy at night knowing Miller's industry-leading True Blue Warranty will ensure that if a problem should arise with your machine, one of the 800 authorized Miller service centers will be ready to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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